Monday, January 29, 2007

I Am A Priority

I have started a new (revisited) journey in my life. I am on a weight loss journey. I know, everyone is this time of year, and I am one of them. I have been at it a week. I went to the gym 6 out of 7 days and worked out an hour a day. I found a great internet tool to help me track my food and exercise. My first week I lost 3.5 lbs!

This post is actually not about my weight loss, although I am proud of it. What it has taken for me to do this has been putting myself above a lot of other things. I go to the gym the minute all 3 boys head out to school and work. By the time I am home and showered, it is almost time to get Tyler from preschool, which means my mornings are pretty much shot due to working out. I have thought about all of the things I could be getting done in the time I am spending working out, and they are numerous. Laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, organizing my home-especially my kitchen. There are actually some of those things I like to do and there is a huge part of me that would prefer to take the time to get things around the house done so I feel better about my life. Then I realized that working out and losing weight does make me feel better about my life. Being in control of me feels great. It is okay if the house doesn't look as good as I would like, if it means I am working out, getting in shape and losing weight.

When do we, especially women, quit being so self-centered and start putting ourselves in last place on the priority chart? This is something I have put on myself. Matt has always supported me in anything I have wanted to try and do, even if it means he helps out more around the house, etc.. I have realized there will always be clothes to wash, dry, iron and put away. There will inevitably be dirt in my home. There will always be something I can organize or reorganize or clean. But who will I be if I can't take a little time to be me, and to take care of me? I have found in the last week that I am a better mom and wife because I have taken time for me, amongst the chaos in my life. I recommend everyone tries it, just once!


Shannon said...

Kudos to you!! Keep up the hard work!!

metromom said...

you are awesome...i've seen what your determination can do and i know you can do it again.

you are inspiring in more ways than you'll ever know!

Love you!