Sunday, April 29, 2007

A date and new things!

So Jake and I have had a great weekend! Friday night he had a friend over, which was fun for him since Tyler wasn't here. He is always so good to let Tyler hang out with him and his friends, but I think he enjoyed it just being him and his friend. Saturday we went to Olive Garden for lunch. He kept talking about this dessert he thought would be good, so I surprised him at the end and ordered it for the two fo us to share. I wish I would have had a camera to snap a pic of his face when he realized we were getting dessert! We then went and saw "Meet the Robinsons" 3D. It has been nice, although we both admitted that while it has been nice, we both miss Matt and Tyler and can't wait for them to get home. It was nice to hear those words out of Jake's mouth. He almost sounded shocked when he said he missed Tyler! :) We talked about how our family isn't complete until we are all together, the 4 of us. So it has been nice, enjoyable, and now it is time to get back to normal.

The other exciting news is that Mark and Teri have added to their family, and I now have a niece!! She is a 3 year old Akita dog! This might be their only contribution to me, as far as being an aunt. So we are headed over there today to meet Daisy Mae. I will snap a picture and be the proud aunt!!! HA!

The other thing I am so excited about is our friends Adam and Shannon from our Tulsa days are in the process of adopting a baby girl from Guatemala. This week Shannon is in Guatemala spending time with Analise. She doesn't get to bring her home yet, but she did get to be "mommy" for the week. I am so excited for them both! Analise is beautiful and the look on Shannon's face says it all. Pictures say a thousand words! Congrats!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Another snow day and a great movie!

Yes, another snow day for the boys!! Only this morning I woke up to completely clear roads, a lot of sun, and a lot of the snow already melting. I have quit trying to figure out why they call snow days and why they don't.

In light of the fact I was home with the boys again, we ventured to the $1 movies. We went and saw "Arthur and the Invisibles". I went into this movie thinking I would go because the boys wanted to see it, but found myself really enjoying it. I thought it would be all cartoon and it wasn't. We left, and Jake immediately said how great it was. It was excellent, and I highly recommend it as a family movie. It is so nice to be able to take the kids to a movie and not worry about what they are going to hear or see, or even what is being implied.

Now they are anticipating Shrek 3 and Spiderman 3! Spidey is one where Matt and I will have to go see it first. They have watched the first two, and seemed to be fine with the intense good vs. evil, but we still need to make sure there are no major things in it that we won't want to them to see.

Summer is a great time for movies!! I am anxious to see what else will be out!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Who gets snow days at the end of April?

As some of you may have read on Matt's blog, today we had a snow storm! Over on our side of town we had white out conditions for most of the day. It is just now letting up and it is near 7pm. They say there is usually a good snow in March, but May 1 is in one week! It actually was pretty and would have been great in Jan or Feb!

Matt and Tyler are headed out on Thursday until Sunday. Matt is dropping Tyler off at his parents house for a few days and Matt is headed to Lincoln for his fraternity's annual alumni weekend. Many of you probably don't know that Matt started a Christian frat when we were at school at Nebraska Wesleyan. When he started it there were just a handful of guys, but now there are 20+ every year, some years more than that. They have a house they rent, where some of the guys live. This was a God-given idea to Matt and it has since been used to build college men's walk with God as well as occasionally getting some guys to start a relationship with Jesus for the first time. It is something Matt doesn't ever talk about, as far as his involvement in starting it, but I am so proud of him for doing it.

With 2 of the boys gone, that leaves Jake and I home for the weekend. He already has one date night planned. I am looking forward to some one-on-one time with him. Especially since he is getting older, and I am aware there will come a time when he really doesn't want to have a date with me. As he is getting older I am trying to figure out a way to make sure our relationship stays strong. I don't want him leaving home to go to college and never caring if he comes home again and sees me or not. I think open communication is important. Any ideas, thoughts or suggestions? Granted, I have some time to think this through, but the last 9 years have gone by quickly.

Anyway, not much else going on here, other than SNOW! I also heard there were tornadoes in parts of CO and then in the tornado belt of TX, OK and MO. Hmm.....

Happy Things

So a few posts ago I listed out some of the things that annoy me. Matt and I have joked about how he is behind a lot of them! HA! So I thought I would focus my efforts this time on things that make me happy, in no particular order!

1) Being with Matt and the boys
2) Reading a good book
3) Having lunch or dinner with friends
4) Hearing the boys laugh
5) Hitting golf balls
6) Going out with my honey!
7) Playing cards- especially Pinochle
8) Family night
9) Going to a movie
10) Praising God!!
11) Getting good sleep
12) Finding a good bargain!
13) Having a clean house
14) Going on vacation with Matt
15) Going on vacation with Matt and the boys
16) Getting emails from friends
17) Christmas time
18) Skiing
19) Baking
20) Entertaining good friends

There they are!! I told you I would have a happier post!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Finally a Normal Weekend?

It is Sunday night and I am happy to report that we were home all weekend!! I threw a baby shower for a friend, but other than that it was a normal weekend of being home. I just don't know what to do with myself!!

Okay, okay...maybe not totally normal! Thursday night we sold our 4Runner to a couple who called that afternoon, came and drove it and then paid us cash for it! While this was great news for us, it also left us with the issue of being a one car family. I think for a minute Matt thought that might be okay for a while until I reminded him that Tyler needs to be picked up from preschool every day at 11:15, and that he is driving back to Lincoln for a fraternity alumni weekend this coming Thursday. Oh- maybe we should buy a new car. So Friday was spent car looking./shopping, and at the last place we just drove through for the heck of it we found a van we were wanting with everything we wanted in it (except a dvd player which we will have installed tomorrow) for a great price! Friday night we headed out to our pastor's house for a get-together with Jake in the back of the new van. We pulled into their yard to park and all of the sudden we heard the noise that all parents dread hearing- the sound of puke everywhere!!!! IN MY NEW VAN WE HAVE ONLY HAD FOR 2 HOURS!!!! I have since repented that my attitude was so wrong, but that was my reaction! Jake was sick Friday night and Saturday...but I had a baby shower to give for my dear friend Caydee!

After the baby shower we spent the afternoon watching a movie, watching UFC that night and writing some songs with my brother and SIL. And today was great with the family going to hit golf balls and teaching Tyler to ride a bike without training wheels, while Jake was riding his new bike! I know it all seems so boring, but for us, after being busy for months on end, it felt so good. We need more of this kind of life I have decided. Everyone seems so much more content, mom and dad included!! That was my weekend. How was yours?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I have realized lately how blessed Matt and I are here in Colorado. We are very close to my brother and sister-in-law (Mark and Teri), I am able to be here with my dad through his cancer battle, I see my mom and she has been going to church with us, we have an unbelievable church, even more amazing friends, Matt has a good job, the kids are well adjusted and happy- those are my blessings. (not to mention our latest "fraud" story, which you will have to read Matt's blog to find out about)

The last few months I have done a lot of soul searching. I have decided to cut out the things in my life I no longer need nor want. I have decided I need to come to grips with the fact that I don't need other people thinking highly of me to feel good about myself. I have decided that some relationships are one sided and I don't need that. I have decided that sometimes it is better to cut losses and be done. I have decided that I should surround myself with people who appreciate me. I need to be in relationships that are both giving and receiving, not one-sided. I just don't have the energy any more to give and give with nothing in return. I think I am growing old and it is starting to show up in areas like these.

I have also decided that sometimes coming to realizations is not fun or easy, yet necessary. It is especially hard for me, being a people pleaser. Some people you can never please, no matter what you do or what your intentions are. That is hard for me to understand, yet Matt doesn't see what is so hard about it. There are times when I wish I could compartmentalize like Matt does. It would be very helpful, but I just can't do it very well. I went to a conference once and attended a workshop called "Men are like waffles, women are like spaghetti". This is so true. Matt can be upset with someone, yet it doesn't affect any other areas of his life (compartmentalizing). I can be upset and it runs into everything else in my life, not even related to the upsetting issue (spaghetti). So I think it is because I am spaghetti and not a waffle that I have chosen to cut things back or out of my life. I don't know any better way to handle it, and frankly I don't want to anyway.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Annoying Things

There are just some things in life I cannot stand, and I am out of patience with. These are some of mine, what are yours?

1. People smacking their gum or food.
2. People constantly popping their knuckles.
3. People who are self centered and don't own up to any responsibility.
4. Waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to sleep for a few hours.
5. School cancellations when there is no reason.
6. High gas prices.
7. People who are rude and insensitive.
8. Messy house.
9. Cleaning the messy house and having no one respect the work that was done, and make more messes!
10. The high cost of going out for an evening: sitter, dinner and movie!!
11. Laundry that never ends.
12. Ironing.
13. People who know something is wrong but act like nothing is wrong!
14. Children not obeying and then arguing on top of it.
15. People who talk about you behind your back, yet think you'll never know they did.

Next time I'll do my blessings!! It will be a happier post!