Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Happy Things

So a few posts ago I listed out some of the things that annoy me. Matt and I have joked about how he is behind a lot of them! HA! So I thought I would focus my efforts this time on things that make me happy, in no particular order!

1) Being with Matt and the boys
2) Reading a good book
3) Having lunch or dinner with friends
4) Hearing the boys laugh
5) Hitting golf balls
6) Going out with my honey!
7) Playing cards- especially Pinochle
8) Family night
9) Going to a movie
10) Praising God!!
11) Getting good sleep
12) Finding a good bargain!
13) Having a clean house
14) Going on vacation with Matt
15) Going on vacation with Matt and the boys
16) Getting emails from friends
17) Christmas time
18) Skiing
19) Baking
20) Entertaining good friends

There they are!! I told you I would have a happier post!!


Anonymous said...

I see "good friends" made the list, but family, especially "brother" didn't. Ouch, I think my heart is hurting...do you know of anyone who makes band-aids for broken hearts?

Deann said...

Now, now...you fall into the category of "good friends" don't you know?? That is usually where "best friends" fall.

I talked about Pinochle!!