Wednesday, June 25, 2008

House Update

This is Matt (not Deann) - I've hijacked her blog so show you this video.  Actually, our agreement was that I would shoot and edit pictures / video to show the progress of our new house being built and she would blog about it, but she's not holding up her end of the bargain and I got tired of waiting for her to blog about this video.

Don't give her too hard of a time about slacking, she's busy making me taco salad for dinner and I'm hungry and don't want her to take away my food as punishment for giving her a hard time.

So here is our first installment of the progress in the form of a Vlog (video log).

Friday, June 13, 2008

My Colorado Rockie!

Tyler had his very first t-ball game last night. What a great time! He is on the Colorado Rockies team, which he thinks is way cool!

Being the great dad that Matt is, he took a few of the video pieces he taped and made a mini-movie with them, just a couple of minutes. 

We had a very happy boy last night. And of course a very happy mom, dad and grandma. He really is a slugger, and LOVES playing, even if in the middle of an inning he yells over to me to let me know Baxter, the dog, is eating grass! You gotta love 6 year olds!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A bunch of stuff!

Since I haven't blogged in a while, I feel like there is so much to tell you. So maybe I will do this in 2 parts, so I don't overwhelm (or bore) you!

1) We are in the rental house for the summer and we got the old house sold and closed on! What a nice relief. The rental house is small, but we will manage. We are very blessed with what God has given us, so this is a gentle reminder of that.
2) Puerto Vallarta was so much fun, and so relaxing. It was exactly what we needed after the last few months. The funny thing is that we booked this trip long before the house was on the market or that we knew we would be moving. Just another confirmation that God knows what is best for us! There are a few stories for that, but really need to wait until I put pictures with them. Let's just say one involves me, water aerobics, and my new 80 year old friend named Michael!
3) Tyler has started t-ball, and loves it! He has told anyone who will listen to him, that he HAS to play t-ball b/c his mom is MAKING him. Now that he has had 3 practices he loves it and is really, really good at it. His first game is this Thursday.
4) Jake is with Matt's parents right now, having a much needed break from Tyler and getting to do some fun things. We have ventured to the pool a few times, but it really has not been warm enough with the horrible winds we have had. I am believing this will change, SOON.
5) The most exciting news is on the house. We had our construction meeting yesterday. We love the construction foreman. Great guy totally willing to work with us on small things that most people probably don't ask about. The garage and basement floors are poured, and today they are starting to frame!! I cannot wait to see walls go up! By the end of June the outside framing will be done and they will be heading inside. They told us yesterday we will definitely be in the new house in August some time. So now I am believing for the middle of August so I can go to Chicago with Matt for a week. He will definitely be going, since it's for work, but I will only go if we aren't just in the house for a few days!

We have tons of pictures of the lot, the cement, and today the framing. I will have Matt post those things either tonight or tomorrow, for all to see. 

As usual, summer is flying by. Hope you all are having a great summer yourselves.