Thursday, January 11, 2007

Eggs and Family Time

Sorry for the delayed posting. My life has been turned on end as of late and blogging didn't interest me, nor did I feel like I had much to blog about. However, I am hoping it will become a nice distraction!

Last night Matt and I started a new "experience". We have now dubbed Wednesday nights "Family Night". We brought the boys in from playing outside and informed them of this. They seemed unsure but excited. We then topped off our take and bake pizza and popped it in the oven so it could cook while we did our devotional. I found 2 really neat family devotionals from Focus on the Family that are fun and very kid friendly. One of them is all science experiments! So last night we started with eggs and the theme "God's protection".

The boys got to try to break the egg (over a bowl) with their bare hands. Of course they could not do it, but loved the whole process of trying. We then talked about God'd protection and how he protects us like the egg protects the baby chick. Tyler response was priceless when he tried to wrap his brain around the fact the inside of an egg a chick is being "cooked" to be born! Jake read a Bible passage and we talked about that. It is amazing his comprehension!! WOW! We opened up with prayer, ended with prayer and then dug into our pizza. After that we played Big Trouble for about 45 minutes.

The boys had a great time. Matt and I really truly enjoyed ourselves. We did this because life just seems to get busier and busier. And while I love the fact that they self-entertain very well, and will play outside for hours, that does not mean that we shouldn't take time out to just be together as a family, with no one else around, no phone calls and no tv. The whole process was not quite 2 hours, but for their hearts it was much more than that. They even were asking what next week's lesson would be and what they would get to do. So if your kids are old enough, I really recommend doing this. As they get older it will only be harder to do something like this, so do it now and make it a pattern for your family while they want to and they look forward to it.


metromom said...

great ideas....thanks for the reminder, it really is about the "quality" in quality time.

Passionz said...

Deann, thanks for the great post. We had in the past, designated Sunday night for "Family Night" with our daughters. But, we have not done so the last couple of months. I would like to get started again. Thank you for the reminder! Kids really are a joy and they grow up way too fast. Have a great night!