Monday, January 22, 2007

Eavsdropping and Laughing

Okay, since my blog has been so boring lately, I thought I would relay a story from this weekend that had me laughing and laughing and laughing.

Jake is in karate. For Christmas we got him a beginners kit that included several of the "weapons" they use, as well as a DVD on karate and a cup. I, being the wonderful mother that I am, did not address the fact that the kit included a cup or what it was for.

Saturday afternoon I am in the office cleaning. Matt is in Jake's room cleaning out the fish aquarium. Jake comes up and is having a casual conversation with Matt. I am not even sure how they started talking about it, but I overhear Matt telling Jake he needs to start wearing his cup to karate. He says he does not have one, and Matt tells him that he does and that it came with his kit. He goes and gets it and then proceeds to tell Matt "Oh, I thought that was for my elbow!" The conversation then continues on with a lesson on how to use it, which was rather comical to listen to. Boxers, briefs or wearing it without...AHHH!!

Once Jake went downstairs I came out of the office, took one look at Matt and laughed until I was crying. These are definitely life lessons, and necessary, but boy did Jake make it funny without even knowing it. And it made me more thankful for my husband.


Anonymous said...

now that is funny. i don't care who you are..

Betsy said...

I've always thought I wanted boys, but you just scared me with that story...