Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tomorrow is the big day!

Just a quick update on my dad for those of you wondering where we are with all of it:

He has had a PET scan done and had a biopsy done Monday. Tomorrow we will find out the whole diagnosis and what treatment options are available. It has been 2 weeks ago today that we all found out, but it sure seems like a lot longer. And while this is what we have all waited for, real results, we almost don't want them. It is a weird feeling.

He is in pain most of the time. The pain moving around between his chest, back and stomach.

It has been an interesting roller coaster to be on, as I have no idea what to do or how to do this. I am not even sure what "this" is, other than I know part of it is grief, part of it is fear and the rest is????

Most days I do well and go at the whole thought of this all very logically. And a few days, one in particular, I lost it and the sadness took over.

I will let everyone know what Thursday brings. Sorry for the lack of posting, but right now I just don't know what else to blog about.

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Anonymous said...

Hey you~

You know if you need to and your whole family are in our prayers. We love you all so much! Let us know the results! Love you,