Tuesday, May 08, 2007

An Honor and Priviledge!

Since moving to Colorado Matt and I have developed several new friendships. One has been with someone who is actually from Iowa, and whose family actually started going to Matt's home church about 11 years ago. Caydee and Jason Bell moved here in August. We had never met them, but one day in church we turn around and Caydee and her sister Cayla are sitting a few rows behind us. From that day forward a friendship was forged. It would be a great story for me to say that the 2 couples have become amazing friends, BUT- in October Jason was deployed to Iraq. He is JAG, and is there on his 2nd tour. So, while Caydee has become one of my closest friends, Jason has not been here. They have 2 boys. Caydee and I just clicked like we had known each other forever. Matt and Jason are similar, and have emailed back and forth some, but once home we have no doubt the friendship there will grow. But Sunday night our friendship took a turn. We went to a new level...

Caydee found out in September she was pregnant with their 3rd child. (not planned) Matt and I, along with our church and life group, have been her support here. Her sister Cayla lives here too, so she has been there also. A while ago Caydee asked me if I would be in the delivery room with her, to help take pics and video of the birth for Jason. WOW! I consider this an honor. So Sunday night my phone rang and we were ready to go! I spent Sunday night and the wee hours of Monday morning with Caydee, and at 3:39 am Monday May 7th, Olivia Jane Bell was born! And I got to be there!! Matt was integral in emailing Jason updates and phone numbers. Mom and baby are great! And the good news is Jason will be home Friday or Saturday for a 2 week leave. I am so glad God gives us friends. While some are for times and seasons, some are for forever!!


Matt Barrett said...

You know what would have been great?

Sharing some of those baby pics!

Deann said...

That would require me to know how to do that! :)

LunarWorld said...

Matt, help the girl out!

Anonymous said...

Giving birth and watching someone give birth must be soo different!
Congrats to the new mommy.

When are us other Iowa refugee's going to get together?