Thursday, August 10, 2006

Old People and Popsicles

Popsicles. Do you remember making them with popsicle makers, or are your memories of popsicles going to the store and buying a box?

Two days ago Tyler found the one set of popsicle makers I have in a drawer. When I explained what they were he was absolutely fascinated and wanted to make some "right now mom". So yesterday morning we took grape juice and made our own popsicles. Every 20 minutes for about 2 hours I was asked "are they done baking yet?".

FINALLY last night after dinner we all took part in the tasting of our own, homemade popsicles. Matt and I reminisced about popsicles, pudding pops...and then Jake was kind enough to throw in his comment, "so these are the kind of popsicles old people ate in the olden days?"

Enough said!


LunarWorld said...


I don't remember making our own popsicles, but we did make juice ice cubes with toothpicks stuck in them. Does that count?

My mom also made homemade playdough (very grainy and salty, but a lot of fun when it was fresh and warm!).

Good times.

Erik Mann said...

another great blog...erik

Anonymous said...

YES!!! I totally made my own popcicles, I've done it with Lina...too fun!

They are such cuties!
Wow, the olden days of the 80's- scary!