Thursday, August 17, 2006

Nothing to Say

I know, I know....I have not blogged for a few days. The truth is I have been busy, but also have not had a lot to blog about.

Tyler started preschool Monday. I took pictures which I will add later, but keep forgetting to get the camera out of the truck, which Matt seems to have more than me. He woke up Monday morning crying about not wanting to go to school. Once I used some positive reinforcement (bribery, for those of you kidless people) with McDonalds for lunch, he was good to go. He seems to really be liking it.

Matt and I are deciding whether or not to host a "life group" for our church twice a month. We are finally ready to start getting involved again. It has been nice taking the time off at church and just sitting in services and being fed. But, having worked in churches, we also know how important it is for the church members to get involved. Churches could not exist without good people willing to do some work. So, that is one thing we are looking at doing. I am also planning on working at the church, for 4-8 weeks, while the current secretary is on maternity leave. It is so funny how just when I think I am going to have some time to myself, my time seems to fill up with other things.

Jake starts a 5 weeks science class today after school. He is so excited. He was telling me this morning how he might get to dissect a small shark with his teacher. He is also gearing up for karate. I am a firm believer in not filling my kids' time with too many activities. Even though he may want to do a ton of things, I limit him. I feel it is just as important to be a kid, to come home from school and have a snack and then rush out to play with friends as it is to be involved in extracurricular activites. Who knows, maybe I am an old fuddy duddy....

The house is almost 100% unpacked. This weekend we will conquer the garage, and I have 2 rooms left and we are done. It has been nice to have "normal" weekends here. It feels good. And after today we will be done with all of our houses in Iowa. YEA! Sorry this is not more inspirational! You will survive!


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the limiting activities. Really busy kids, mean really busy moms and adds stress to family life. Sometimes rollerskating around the block is the best option.


Brian and Rachel said...

I agree wholeheartedly with both of you. Although we are reaching an age with Jared where I want him involved with something every waking moment of every day b/c of his age in the hopes he will be soooo busy he won't have time to think about all the girls throwing themselves at him. I know its a long shot but what have I got to lose trying right?