Friday, August 18, 2006

I am going to cry!

Okay, I had a great post ready to go. I thought I would try to add an image from the web to it. My hubby very quickly talks me through it. I try it, but I cannot get the image to open up on my blog. I try to delete it and now the whole post is gone. So instead of a funny post to end the week, you might get to read it on Monday morning. Can I just say how frustrating that it????

Have a good weekend!

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LunarWorld said...

Usually, I copy the entire post before I hit "Publish" or try to post pictures, if I've typed a lot.

Not that it's helpful now, but if you push "Back" on your browser, you can often go back to before you did whatever it is that deleted your post, and copy and save it.

But that is so frustrating, and it's never as funny or insightful the second time around, is it?