Friday, March 13, 2009


I knew 2009 was going to be a better year than 2008. 2008 was rough and tiring.

Going to Mexico was a great way to start the first part of 2009 off!! We had an amazing time. The boys are finally at an age where we all had a wonderful time, and didn't have to deal with the things of small, toddler size children.

The news, as of yesterday, to make 2009 even better is that my brother Mark and his wife Teri found out they are pregnant!!!!! YEA!!!!!! This is something they have wanted so badly. If you remember, their first baby had a defect where the skull did not form properly, and did not survive. The due date for that baby was March 10th. So how sweet it is that one day later they find out they are still able to conceive. They are very cautious about their feelings with this pregnancy, and probably will be until they are told everything is fine. So please send your prayers up for a healthy pregnancy for Teri and the baby!


LunarWorld said...

Great news!!! God is faithful.

Shannon said...

AWESOME news! Convey our CONGRATS!!!