Monday, March 16, 2009

Facebook it is!

Okay, so my best friend Caydee has been trying to convince me to join Facebook. I have had other people also joining in to convince me. Another dear friend, Friday night, showed me how it all works, and I took the plunge. What was I thinking? 

I still have no idea what I am doing on Facebook. Still not sure how it all works. My last "issue" is that there isn't really space to be able to share my 3-4 paragraphs of feelings, thoughts, news, etc.. So while I have connected with several people from long, long ago, I think I will still need to keep my blog. Let's face it,  I have never been one short on words, so is it realistic to think that I can always keep my thoughts to a sentence or 2?


LunarWorld said...

Get your friend to show you how to get your blog linked to your Facebook, so when you post on your blog, it publishes a Note. Then you have both!

Deann said...

are you my friend? :)