Monday, November 27, 2006

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Thanksgiving is now over, company has gone home, and it's starting to look a lot like Christmas around here. We had a great holiday. Enjoyed the company of Matt's parents, saw "Happy Feet" and "Deck the Halls", ate too much food, went out shopping at a ridiculous hour the day after and am now getting ready to get the tree up. Matt was out on the roof Saturday getting Christmas lights up. I am now, more than ever, ready for Christmas.

For whatever reason, maybe from inspiration from my mom who started playing Christmas music in September when I was a kid, Christmas is my favorite holiday. It makes me smile. It gives me warm fuzzies. I just like it. Gifts is one of my love languages, so maybe that is involved. Not so much the getting (although that is good) but the giving. I love the process of figuring out the best gift for each person. I love the decorating. I love sitting by the fire and the tree all lit up and relaxing. I love the baking.

Last year we were packing up a house and moving, so Christmas was not what I liked or wanted. This year is so much different, and we are all thrilled. I think Matt might even be getting in the Christmas spirit. So my goal for today is to get the tree up with lights so tonight the boys and I can decorate it. I am sure I will have stories to report.

I hope you all had a great Thaksgiving. We did. And now on to Christmas!!!!!

PS- For a great story about what the boys want to get me, head to Matt's blog!! You will get a good laugh!


LunarWorld said...

I don't see a new post at Matt's blog... but my internet has been fishy this morning.

Glad you're getting into the Christmas spirit!

Anonymous said...

11/27/06 We had our ultrasound...our girls are going to have a brother come Easter. Due April 9th (Easter is April 8th)
Went to Iowa for THanksgiving like we do every year. That would be our tradition as driving during December in the midwest is chancy!
love, Desiree