Friday, September 08, 2006

Dreams Come True

I know, I know...I have left you all high and dry for quite some time. I do have a good reason, which I will share with you in my list of life's events as of late:

1) Dream # 1 came true for me when I had Lasek surgery done last week. I have wanted to do this for so long, and finally found a good doctor at a reasonable price and my hubby said to go for it. I had to have the more intense surgery b/c my corneas were too thin for the simple lasik, but this is the better surgery in the long run. After a few days of discomfort, and a few more days of discomfort I am now feeling much better. Not 100% vision yet, but that could take another week or so before I am at 20/20. That is precisely why I have not blogged. I am still seeing the computer screen a little blurry now, imagine last week!

2) As I type this my second dream is coming true. There are delivery guys here delivering our new KING SIZE sleep comfort bed!!! I am so excited!! After 12+ years of not sleeping very well, with a husband who tosses and turns A LOT, in a queen size bed, we have taken the plunge into the bigger bed! We both think we might sleep until noon tomorrow!! Oh wait- we have kids!!

3) Jake started karate. After night one he wanted to quit. After night two he decided he loved it. He is also learning self control. He is learning, by watching other kids, that he cannot talk whenever he wants to (which is a lot!).

4) My hubby is headed to Texas on Tuesday for a business trip. He then heads to Iowa to have a weekend of golf and football with his dad. I am excited for him to have this time. He hasn't had time to do anything like this in a long time. Not to mention I am jealous he gets to go to a college football game! (that's another post for another day)

5) While Matt is gone his mom, Margie, is coming to stay with me and the boys. I am so excited for her to come here. She hasn't seen the new house yet, and my house always looks much better after she leaves, b/c she has always helped me get my house decorated. So I am looking forward to a week of fabric, decrations and guaranteed laughs!

6) We had our first non-family party here on Labor Day. It was a good time. We learned when you have 16 adults not to include children! ( Have I mentioned we are DONE having kids?)

7) We start our life group for church this Sunday. We are going to start with s study called "Speak Wisely". It should be good. I am not nervous, but anxious a little...will anyone come, will it go as we want it to, will we have a good group of people...I'll let you know Monday!

That's my life as of late. Have a great weekend everyone!!


Matt Barrett said...

2 things honey.
1 - I'm coming home soon for the christening!!!
2 - I can't believe you misspelled a word. That's my depatement.
"Have a GREAWT weekend everyone!!" I know it's only a typo and not a real misspelling, but it gives me hope.

Natalie said...

Maybe I should check your website before I go asking you questions on Matt's. Congrats on the lasik and on the bed. Enjoy the christening:) Post some pics of the inside of the new house when you get done for those of us that won't be able to come see it for a while. Enjoy your time with Margie!

Deann said...

Sorry hon, I had to correct it!! THanks for the heads up!! :)

Steph said...

Ed really wants to have Lasik, but it has not been in the budget. Plus, he now has a new hobby (restoring a 1970 VW Camper Bus) where extra funds will be headed, so who knows when the Lasik will happen. I have been getting Holy Ghost Lasik! :-) My eye sight has not gotten worse the last two or three visits to the eye doctor. Plus, this last time that I went to visit the eye doctor, my eye sight was better!!! Cool, huh?

I agree about the posting of pictures of the inside of your house. Don't forget to take pictures of the outside as well. I would love to see what your place in Colorado looks like. I have friends here in Minneapolis who love Colorado. Ed and I went to Colorado Springs twice during college to attend InterVarsity's chapter camp. It is no longer in Colorado. :-( It was AWESOME being up in the mountains for a week with God and your Christian friends.

Glad to hear that two of your dreams have come true. God is SO GOOD to us, isn't he? My ultimate dream as far as a bed goes would be to have a sleep number bed. King size would be great, but we do not currently have the room for it in our bedroom. We just bought a new mattress which was AWESOME! We didn't have the budget for a sleep number at this time, but you better believe that I am saving up for one!!!

Have a wonderful weekend! I am looking forward to the update about your Life Group.

LunarWorld said...

It's so great that you have a mother-in-law whose company you enjoy and whose help you desire. Count yourself blessed, Deann!

BTW, I find it helpful to occasionally throw in a misspelled word or typo so that the mortals will feel that I am like them. That's just what you were doing, right? ;)

Deann said...

Exactly Betsy! Exactly!

I figure comments made like that are only made out of jealousy!