Friday, February 13, 2009

Cancun Here We Come!

We are leaving tomorrow morning to head to Cancun with the boys!!! Words cannot describe how excited we all are. I don't mean to rub it in your face, but I do have good reasons to be excited.

1) It is snowing here, and nothing is better than going to a beach when it is snowing where you live!
2) The boys are at an age where we can have a great family vacation, and not worry about "little" kid stuff.
3) Matt has been working like a dog and could really use time away from the job.
4) We have had one crazy, sad and stressful year. Not all of it was bad, but it was very tiring and hectic. We built a house, sold a house, moved twice, finished the basement and dad died. Needless to say, this vacation couldn't come at a better time.

Have a great week. I know we will!! The forecast is in the low to mid 80's! 

PS- I am still undecided about facebook. I have thought of another downer: people who read my blog who don't have a facebook account miss out on everything. Somehow that just doesn't seem right. Although I am not convinced I have more than 5 readers anyway!!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Facebook Or Not?

For My Dear Friend Shannon!!! :)

Happy 2009! Hope the new year and my first post in 2009 finds everyone well.

So I have a serious discussion I want participation in.

The subject: Facebook
Issue at hand: I have never been interested in Facebook. I cannot understand why grown adults have a Facebook account. I always thought it was for teenagers. However, I have realized that most of my adult friends have an account. Blogging used to be the thing that everyone used to stay in touch with people from the past and present. Now, I am gathering that facebook is the new blogging. What is so great about Facebook? Why should I give in to my stand and get an account? 

1)One of my issues, which I know will seem ridiculous, is when Matt had an account, I didn't like that anyone from his past could chat with him, email him, and all of that communication stuff without me knowing. Now let me clarify...Matt always told me. There was never anything wrong with it, but is just rubbed me wrong.

2) Another issue is that I am not sure I want just anyone from my past getting in touch with me. I know, I sound rude and stuck up, but there are some people in my past that I would prefer to leave in the past.

3) One more issue is that I feel like it becomes this number clicker that tells you how many friends you have. Why do I need to know how many friends I have? Why does everyone else get to know how many friends I have? Who cares how many "friends" I have? Are they really "friends"? Are people so insecure they have to have a big network of friends, who really aren't friends, but mere "people from their past"? 

So convince me or support me. I just don't get it.  But I have lots of "friends" who want me to join. I don't know...I am not convinced just yet.