Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Facebook Or Not?

For My Dear Friend Shannon!!! :)

Happy 2009! Hope the new year and my first post in 2009 finds everyone well.

So I have a serious discussion I want participation in.

The subject: Facebook
Issue at hand: I have never been interested in Facebook. I cannot understand why grown adults have a Facebook account. I always thought it was for teenagers. However, I have realized that most of my adult friends have an account. Blogging used to be the thing that everyone used to stay in touch with people from the past and present. Now, I am gathering that facebook is the new blogging. What is so great about Facebook? Why should I give in to my stand and get an account? 

1)One of my issues, which I know will seem ridiculous, is when Matt had an account, I didn't like that anyone from his past could chat with him, email him, and all of that communication stuff without me knowing. Now let me clarify...Matt always told me. There was never anything wrong with it, but is just rubbed me wrong.

2) Another issue is that I am not sure I want just anyone from my past getting in touch with me. I know, I sound rude and stuck up, but there are some people in my past that I would prefer to leave in the past.

3) One more issue is that I feel like it becomes this number clicker that tells you how many friends you have. Why do I need to know how many friends I have? Why does everyone else get to know how many friends I have? Who cares how many "friends" I have? Are they really "friends"? Are people so insecure they have to have a big network of friends, who really aren't friends, but mere "people from their past"? 

So convince me or support me. I just don't get it.  But I have lots of "friends" who want me to join. I don't know...I am not convinced just yet.


Chad said...

Ok. I'll be the lone public voice for Facebook here.

1. I can understand this one a little bit. But, like you said, he shared it with you. Also, if you were both on their and friends with each other, you'd get updates on his correspondence with others. So, really not a big deal.

2. This one is completely wrong. If you don't want them to get in touch with you, then simply ignore their friend request. No one makes you be friends with anyone on Facebook - you choose. And, they can not see your info without you accepting their request. This is not MySpace, it's totally different.

3. I think it's less about the number and more about getting in touch with a lot of people from your past that you want to. It becomes a big community of constant talk and chatter.

Facebook is very secure because only your friends can see your stuff and you can defriend people at anytime. I love it!

Deann said...

Thanks Chad! Matt knew you would have a comment. He said you are always on him to get on Facebook! :)

teri said...

just a thought....perhaps your friends would be more content with blogging and such...IF YOU ACTUALLY DID IT! It is probably a desperate attempt to stay in touch with you! I'm holding out from the facebook thing kids are sure I need one.

LunarWorld said...

Chad is 100% right. Especially on #1.

You don't have to accept anyone's Friend Request. It's a lot simpler than blogging, as you can put in your little status update if you like, and everyone can see what you're up to without a huge post. Plus, you can put photos on there.

The connection factor is huge. It's not MySpace, which is obnoxious, pre-teen and just plain ugly. It really is easier to keep up with what your connections are doing, all in one place.

And you don't have to give up the blog: you can just insert it in your page and when you update, it will add it to your Wall!

Get on Facebook. Worst case scenario, you hate it and delete your account.

Matt Barrett said...

Okay, I am being swayed...we're getting closer to a decision!! :)

Matt Barrett said...

Sorry, I meant to comment and didn't realize Matt was signed in and not me.