Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Day of School is Here!!

Today the boys started the new school year. I think they were ready, and we all know I was. Jake is now a middle schooler, entering 6th grade. Tyler is in 2nd grade. They seemed to have a good day. They both like their teachers. They are both TIRED!! Here are some first day of school pictures for you! I cannot believe how big they are. Where did time go?


LunarWorld said...

I forget how long you've been gone (or were we gone first?) until you post pictures like that. In my mind, Jacob is still the little guy running around upstairs when Martin lived eith you guys.

Wow, if I feel old looking at that, I can't imagine how you guys feel!

Deann said...

Exactly. It is amazing how fast time goes. It has been almost 8 years since Tulsa!!

Mrs. said...

my how the boys have changed in just a short amount of time! Is that "my" Tyler headed for 2nd grade? Now he's a big 'ol 4th grader (sigh)...mine are growing too fast too
xoox, h