Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sick Day

I am taking a sick day today, even though I really do not have a job to call in sick to. For the past 5 days I have had a horrible cough that has not let up. I woke up this morning with my throat burning from the coughing, my ear hurts and my head hurts. NOT FUN! Oh ya, the best part? I lost my voice too!

So instead of going to the church to finish my training there, Matt took Tyler to preschool and I am home. Once I finish this post I will be in bed. Even though there are lots of things to do around here, I am trying to do what is best for me and not what I really want or need to be doing. This also brings to mind my latest venture in life. I am feeling grown up as of late b/c I have decided to try to learn to drink hot tea. It feels wonderful on my throat and has no calories in comparison to hot chocolate (which I love). I have become fond of the triple berry zinger tea. I am really enjoying it. I don't like coffee but enjoy the experience, especially this time of year, of having a warm drink in hand with good conversations with friends.

Not having a voice will prove challenging. Matt had to talk to Tyler and tell him mommy couldn't talk and if he needed me today he would need to come and find me since I won't be able to answer him. I went downstairs to get some tea and he had this funny look on his face. He hugged my legs and said he felt bad for me. Then asked Matt if I would have to go to the hospital! Kids!

Monday, September 25, 2006

How To Eat Fried Worms

There is no school today for the boys. In order to keep the sanity and also have some fun for the day off, I took the boys to the movie "How To Eat Fried Worms". For those of you moms who have boys, it is a must see and such a reality. For those of you who have girls, you should go see it to appreciate girls!! :)

It was a cute movie. Tyler even watched the whole thing without asking when it was going to be over. I think the whole thought of having to eat 10 worms in one day and the bet was worth the watching for both of my boys. We then had a talk on the way home about bets and the meaning of the movie. Comical, to say the least. I just wanted to make sure they knew that eating worms is not allowed!

So it has got me thinking...what is something outrageous you have done or what crazy bets have you made? The only one I can think of for me, because I am not adventurous, is in college I ate a baked cricket for extra credit in zoology. Oddly enough it did not have much flavor at all. But I have seen the food channel shows where bugs are considered a very fancy meal in some countries. I don't think I could do it. My stomach is a little quesy now from watching the movie.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Colorado Happiness

I do not know where all of you live....I know where some of my readers live...which means I do not know the forecast for your area over the next few days. Here in Colorado it is amazing. The temps at night have been dipping low enough for jackets and closed windows. It really feels like fall. Yesterday the forecast for the mountains was SNOW!! In fact, they recommend being cautious should you choose to drive into the mountains this weekend. So this morning we wake up to find the most amazing view from the front of our house. SNOW! It did not snow in the Springs, which means we could see the amazing sight but we didn't have to feel it nor scoop the drive way, but the mountains were covered in snow and it was breath taking.

I am finding myself so happy in my life. This does not mean everything goes perfect every day, but it does mean I love my life. And while I believe being happy about life is a choice, I do believe in things, places and people making it easier to be happy. I love it here in Colorado. I love the weather, the casualness (is that a word- Noelle or Betsy?), the people, the things to do, the overall lifestyle...I feel like this for the first time in a long time. Sure, I miss seeing some friends from the various places we have lived, but I would not trade this for the world. And while I am so glad I am closer to family, that is not the only thing I love about being here. I feel thrilled to live in this beautiful state. I am thrilled my husband has a good job that gives him plenty of vacation and has more "normal" hours, which in turn means we have more family time. I am beyond thrilled that we have found an amazing church and are meeting wonderful people!!! I am thrilled that in the winter we can drive for just about 2 hours or so and go skiing with our boys for just a day or two and it is not a major vacation. I am so glad that our whole family loves to go hiking and enjoys being outdoors. The list goes on...

So what is stopping you? Why don't you come for a visit?

Friday, September 08, 2006

Dreams Come True

I know, I know...I have left you all high and dry for quite some time. I do have a good reason, which I will share with you in my list of life's events as of late:

1) Dream # 1 came true for me when I had Lasek surgery done last week. I have wanted to do this for so long, and finally found a good doctor at a reasonable price and my hubby said to go for it. I had to have the more intense surgery b/c my corneas were too thin for the simple lasik, but this is the better surgery in the long run. After a few days of discomfort, and a few more days of discomfort I am now feeling much better. Not 100% vision yet, but that could take another week or so before I am at 20/20. That is precisely why I have not blogged. I am still seeing the computer screen a little blurry now, imagine last week!

2) As I type this my second dream is coming true. There are delivery guys here delivering our new KING SIZE sleep comfort bed!!! I am so excited!! After 12+ years of not sleeping very well, with a husband who tosses and turns A LOT, in a queen size bed, we have taken the plunge into the bigger bed! We both think we might sleep until noon tomorrow!! Oh wait- we have kids!!

3) Jake started karate. After night one he wanted to quit. After night two he decided he loved it. He is also learning self control. He is learning, by watching other kids, that he cannot talk whenever he wants to (which is a lot!).

4) My hubby is headed to Texas on Tuesday for a business trip. He then heads to Iowa to have a weekend of golf and football with his dad. I am excited for him to have this time. He hasn't had time to do anything like this in a long time. Not to mention I am jealous he gets to go to a college football game! (that's another post for another day)

5) While Matt is gone his mom, Margie, is coming to stay with me and the boys. I am so excited for her to come here. She hasn't seen the new house yet, and my house always looks much better after she leaves, b/c she has always helped me get my house decorated. So I am looking forward to a week of fabric, decrations and guaranteed laughs!

6) We had our first non-family party here on Labor Day. It was a good time. We learned when you have 16 adults not to include children! ( Have I mentioned we are DONE having kids?)

7) We start our life group for church this Sunday. We are going to start with s study called "Speak Wisely". It should be good. I am not nervous, but anxious a little...will anyone come, will it go as we want it to, will we have a good group of people...I'll let you know Monday!

That's my life as of late. Have a great weekend everyone!!