Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Home Again and Happy!

July 1st we loaded up in the van and headed to Matt's parents' home at Lake of the Ozarks for our summer vacation. We usually go once a summer, but Matt and I didn't go last year so it had been 2 years for me. I love this place. I love boating. I love the pool. It is always relaxing. We were there for about 6 days and then Matt's extended family came for a reunion. We had a great time seeing everyone and catching up. It had been at least 7 years since we had since many, but honestly, I don't know that I ever talked to them as much as I did this past weekend. It is fun to see the different personalities come together. It was great for our kids to meet everyone. I was proud of them and how they socialized with people all weekend.

On our last boat ride on Sunday, both boys begged to stay longer, so being the amazing grandparents that Rick and Margie are, they found cheap one way tickets for the boys to come home later this week. Matt and I had a great road trip home- just the two of us. We talked the first 4 hours, nonstop. I wondered when the last time was we had that much time without interruption, to just talk and reconnect.

I sit here now in a very quiet house. I have mowed 3 yards today (covering for Jake since he won't be home to do it this week), done laundry, cleaned up the house a bit, and I wonder what to begin now. I have felt slightly unorganized for a few years. Sometimes the thought of getting organized is overwhelming. But I will persevere and head to Staples for office supplies. I will go through my freezers and inventory what is in there. I will plan out some menus and do some freezer cooking. And maybe I can get to a movie.

As much as I love vacation, I realized once again, that I love Colorado. There really isn't another place I would want to be. To quote Dorothy, "there's no place like home, there's no place like home."

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Deann said...

Welcome back!!! I missed you while you were gone.