Monday, March 15, 2010

The Big Ski Party

Tyler chose to take 2 friends skiing for his 8th birthday party this year. We figured this was much better than 10 kids at a fun center! So we loaded up the van bright and early Saturday morning and headed up the mountain. The weather was perfect, sunny, not too cold, but amazing snow- they had gotten 22 inches in the last week.

The boys were having so much fun. Smiles all around. We were going down one run, with lots of trees the boys love to go through, and had a little "miscommunication". I was in front, with Matt at the back, with boys sandwiched between us. This run has an area that can slow you down a bit, so Tyler and Matt were way behind the rest of us. We were waiting for them, when Matt calls me and figures out he went the wrong way, and would meet us at the lift eventually. We ski on, take a lift and do another run. We see Matt, and I say, "where's Tyler?" He smiles and laughs and says, "I don't have him, I thought you did." After a few minutes of realizing he wasn't joking, we realized he thought I had Tyler, and I thought he did. My mommy heart just about stopped! Fortunately he was waiting in the ski patrol office, petting a dog and watching TV. He then said this was the worst birthday ever and he gets a do-over!

After taking a lunch break, and telling him how cool he is that he made it to the lift but daddy didn't, making it a big deal how amazing he is, he was totally cool with it all! He even said it was pretty cool being lost. He said ," it's not like you were shot and dead, you just had to find me!" We spent the afternoon skiing the same run , over and over, and had 100% happy boys! Matt and our friend Jason went and took the snowcat up the mountain for a cool, powder run, and then met back up with us. So all 5 "boys" had a great day!

When I was putting Tyler to bed, he was smiling and said, "thanks mom, for the awesome birthday party! I had the best time ever. I love you!"

Be still my heart!

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