Tuesday, May 20, 2008

End of the Road!

Considering it has been almost a month since I last blogged, I think it is fair to say we have been swamped! I don't have time right now to blog for long, but did want to update you all on what has been going on.

A week from today, May 27th, we close on the house we live in now. We will be moving this week to a rental house for 3 months, while they finish our new home. All has gone well with all of the transitions, thus far, and hopefully will through August.

The kids are finishing up school this week. Tyler had field day yesterday, Jake had his mock trial and field day yesterday, and today is the big science fair contest! Tomorrow is Tyler's choir concert, and then I think we are good to go for the summer. Tyler starts t-ball next week. Swim lessons, vacations, camps...

Matt and I leave May 30th for Puerto Vallarta!! While my life is crazy right now, going to Mexico will come at a great time. We will have moved all of our things, sold the house, and can literally relax. We also celebrate our 14th anniversary on the 28th.

We have pictures of the land, the hole, and all sorts of things. Since Matt is the one in charge of posting those things, it will all have to wait until we are back from Mexico. He is too detailed, and posting things could end up taking him hours he doesn't have until we are back!!

So we are busy, but come June we will have more time and energy to update you on all of the things in our lives. Have a great Memorial Day. See you back here in a few weeks.

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