Tuesday, February 19, 2008

To build or not to build- that is the question!

When we bought the house we are in right now we thought we would never move. We always say that, and we always move, usually after we do some sort of amazing project in the house that we love. Once again, we are faced with this decision.

There is a new "community" being built just a few miles from us. It is in Phase 1, which is always the cheapest phase to build in. In this neighborhood there is a huge pool/rec center, gorgeous facilities for outdoor and indoor entertaining, amazing parks and the best part is it has a charter school the kids would go to, which is the top in the city. I actually tried to get the boys in last year, but there was a wait list so they didn't make it. They are on the list again for this upcoming school year, but we haven't heard when we will know.

We found a house that we love! It has almost all of the things we are wanting. The problems we have with this house now are solved with the new house, like Matt having a "shop". We would build it, so we could pick out the things we want and tailor it more to our style. We can do it and barely raise our mortgage payment.

The problems: we have to sell our house. I know it will sell. I think we can get our money out of it without losing money. They will start building right away without waiting for our house to sell. What if our house sells right away and we have no place to live for 4-5 months? What if the house gets done and we haven't sold our current house? Is it worth the risk to lose the $3000 earnest money? Is it worth max $100 more a month on the mortgage to get the house we want, in the neighborhood we want, with the boys at the best school in the city?

If we do it, I told Matt we should make the house building experience our blog, so you all can follow along. I will keep you posted.

Please feel free to weigh in. All opinions welcome! And if I don't like yours I will just take it off the comment section! :)


metromom said...

Wow! I say go for it. :) I'm learning to be a risk taker w/ B as my husband...

Keep us posted

Steph said...

I agree. GO FOR IT!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm all about the simple life right now...so I say stay where you're at...but I know you two...you will do what ever you feel lead to do! I like the idea of blogging the build if that's the way you decide to go. Nat