Friday, November 09, 2007

Happy Birthday to Matt!!

Sunday, November 11th is Matt's 34th birthday.

It is hard to believe we started dating when he was 17! That means we have now been together for 1/2 of his life. WOW! This will be my 17th birthday celebration with him.

His celebration won't be any big deal, because he never wants it to be. We will hit the golf course, I will make a carrot cake that only he and Tyler will eat (that's the joy of it being your birthday, you can pick whatever cake you want no matter how many people like it) and we will give him his presents. Once you have kids there has to be at least a mini-celebration.

So happy birthday honey. You deserve a wonderful birthday for being such a great dad and hubby. You work so hard. You take such good care of us.

Happy birthday my love!!


LunarWorld said...

34? I thought Matt was waaaaay older than that! Must be all that wisdom... :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MATT! We all will celebrate with reverence the 17th anniversary of the 9 month anniversary of your parents gettin' jiggy wid it.

Matt Barrett said...

Uhhh, I might be old, but if my math is correct my parents got jiggy 34 years and 9 months ago.

Deann and I started dating 17 years ago which was the time we were celebrating my parents jigginess 17 years before that. So, 17 + 17 = (carry the one) yep 34.

They'll teach you that kind of math when you turn 30.