Monday, March 12, 2007

Life in a Nutshell

Life since I last blogged:

1) Vacation to Cancun for a week- an amazing time!
2) Day before vacation Jake had a bday party and Tyler ended up throwing up.
3) Jake turned 9! Had a family party.
4) My grandpa died at the age of 95, so we had to head to Iowa for the funeral.
5) In between trips we have still had our life group.
6) Dental appointments for all!
7) Tyler had strep.
8) Matt's sister was here for a few weeks.
9) We leave for Washington DC this Thursday.
10) Next Thursday we head up to the mountains to have a family ski trip.
11) Tyler turns 5 on the 25th.
12) Maybe after the 26th, and we are finally home, I will be able to start blogging again.

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