Friday, July 28, 2006

Busy Times

Why does it always seem like the last week or two of summer becomes the busiest? In all honesty I do not mind, since the last few weeks of summer can sometimes be the most challenging.

So here is our life for the next 10 days:

Wednesday (2 days ago) we took the boys to 6Flags in Denver. We had a blast. They had a blast. I got sick to my stomach, Matt got sick to his stomach. The boys never got sick to their stomachs! (when do we lose the ability to spin around and around?) We ended the day/night with getting drenched on the log ride (note to self: do not wear a white shirt when going to an amusement park with water rides), and then at almost 10pm snacking on funnel cake and summed up by Tyler "this was a really great day!"

Today we are headed off to go camping with a group of people from church. It should be fun, even though camping is not my favorite thing in the world. Camping might be relaxing to some, but man does it take a lot of work to get ready for. I am sure I will have something to blog about after this weekend.

Monday we close on our rental house in Iowa. YEA!!! I am also watching a friend's 4 kids and cooking dinner for them while she is having both knees operated on.

Wednesday we close on our other house in Iowa!!! YEA!!!! We also leave to go on our one "fun" vacation for the summer, which is to the Lake of the Ozarks with Matt's parents. We will be there until Sunday. Can I express to you how much I am looking forward to this trip? The lake is always so much fun and relaxing. And after the last 7 months we are all ready for it!

And sometime before we leave for the lake I need to make sure Jake is ready for school, since we get back on Sunday the 6th and school starts Monday the 7th! Tyler starts preschool on the 14th!

So that is my life in a nutshell. Busy times, but sometimes it is okay. Especially when I have 2 boys who are so excited to get to the campsite today, or to go see Nana and Papa next week. Have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Yes Ma'am, Yes Sir!!

Last night I took Jake to a Kempo Karate orientation to see what he thought of it, and what we (as parents) thought of it. He loved it. Matt and I really saw the benefits of it. He earned his white belt last night. He also had homework. He had to say "yes ma'am" to me 6 times before bed and "yes sir" 6 times to Matt before bed. This was very interesting to me.

I think as I get older, I am seeing the generations following me having less and less respect for people. So last night Jake started off doing a pretty good job remembering to say it, but by bedtime he had not completed it 6 times. So we talked about it and I shared with him different times he could have said it but didn't. It got me thinking of how odd it was to have to explain to my 8 year old when to say "yes ma'am". It also made me realize that Matt and I need to do a better job in teaching our children how to respect adults. While I do not feel they are rude or completely disrespectful to adults, not knowing when to say "yes sir" or "yes ma'am" shows me that we have work to do.

I think Karate will be a good choice for Jake. He will be able to learn discipline, self control, respect....and we will be old and broke!!! I had no idea how expensive Karate was. So now we are weighing out our options. And he is begging to go back.

The joys of parenting!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Giving in to Peer Pressure

Okay, my husband has convinced me to try the blogging thing. I don't know that I will be as consistent as he is. I also don't know how many of his readers will enjoy my blog. My posts will probably be about my life: my 2 boys, my hubby, my dog, my family and random thoughts of a stay at home mom! There won't be much business discussion. There won't be tons of links to click on ( I hate those!). It will just be me and the Barrett life.

So sit back and come along on the ride with me.