Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Giving in to Peer Pressure

Okay, my husband has convinced me to try the blogging thing. I don't know that I will be as consistent as he is. I also don't know how many of his readers will enjoy my blog. My posts will probably be about my life: my 2 boys, my hubby, my dog, my family and random thoughts of a stay at home mom! There won't be much business discussion. There won't be tons of links to click on ( I hate those!). It will just be me and the Barrett life.

So sit back and come along on the ride with me.


Matt Barrett said...

Great to have you in the blogosphere honey!
Look forward to reading about all your experiences.

metromom said...

yippee!! i'll look forward to reading and hearing about what's up...one suggestion...post your enchilada recipe if you run out of things...well post any of your recipes for that matter. Give us other moms some tips on how you stay so organized and put up with Casey.

LunarWorld said...

It's about time! Don't give Matt one bit of credit for this great decision, though.

MommaGof4 said...

Deanna! It is great to hear from you! I am happy all is going well for the entire family. I go this Thursday to take my comp testing for school! 2 hrs of testing?? me?? yikes *whisper a prayer for me??*
Much love to you, Matt and the boys..
Nikki G

#1 fan said...

Guaranteed! You'll have plenty to share! You're challenge will be finding the time.