Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Birthday Parties Are How Much?

So Jake turns 9 the 25th of this month. Tyler turns 5 the 25th of March. This means we have birthday party planning to do. So I started pricing out parties-let me just say I am shocked! I had no idea that parties were so expensive. The cheapest party I could find, excluding creating our own, was over $100. That is just too expensive! When did parties become so involved and overindulgent?

So I gave Jake his choice of an expensive party or planning a small party where we would take them to a movie, go to dinner at Olive Garden (his favorite) and coming back to the house for cake, presents and playing. He thought long and hard about it and decided the smaller party is what he wants. I must say that I am proud of his choice. Why is it necessary to invite 10-12 people, whom you rarely talk about or play with, just to celebrate? I think when he thought about it, the smaller more intimate party was what interested him.

Tyler, on the other hand, really wants to have his at Mr. Biggs, the fun center here in town. He can have a pirate party and they can play for 2 hours and do everything they want to do. It is a little more expensive than what Jake's will be, but it will also be his first birthday party, outside of family celebrating with him. He is thrilled he can invite his new friends from school! He also is unable to really think through the process like Jake did. I am also thinking having his party outside my home might be easier, considering we are talking about 4-5 year olds and it is cold here.

Oh the choices! When is enough enough? If you go big the first year, what do you do to top it? We had friends in Oklahoma give us the best idea: one year they can have a big party and the next year just something small with 1-2 friends, alternating yearly. That way they get that dose of reality that everything does not have to big and bigger!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Football is over!

Have I ever told you that I am a football addict? I love football!! I truly love most sports, but football is my passion, when it comes to sports. I love college football...every Saturday from Labor Day thru the beginning of January is booked for me. I love it so much that Matt actually will leave me watching football and go to the garage because he is sick of it. :) I don't know exactly what it is, but it just gets my blood pumping! Now that we live in an area where there is a pro team nearby, I have really gotten into the NFL. I play on a fantasy football league, and usually do better than most of the guys on the team!

Naturally, we watched the Superbowl last night. It is the first time in a while where I was excited for the big game, and actually liked both teams. However, I really am a fan of Peyton Manning and Tony Dungee. I was very happy that the Colts won, and was more proud this morning when I watched an interview on tv with Tony Dungee. He was asked about being the first black coach to win, and about his coaching style. For those of you who don't know about him, he is known for having a gentle coaching style, and does not yell or use scare tactics. He basically said that he hopes he has proven to people that you can be a great coach with a gentle style. And he hopes he has shown the attitude of Christ in his coaching. His team prays after each game, and last night was no exception. He gave all of the honor and glory to God. His players respect him. Is this not a man to follow? So while I am happy for the Colts, it also makes me sad that I now have to wait until August for football again...

Note of interest: 2 former Iowa Hawkeye players played for the Colts last night! Dallas Clark and Bob Sanders!! And both played well!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

My son the future politician!

I officially have a child who is in politics. Jake was chosen to be his class rep for the student council. We are so excited for him, and he is thrilled. His teacher thinks very highly of him, and thought he would be the perfect choice. He was so adorable when we were discussing the commitment, which is twice a month 7:30am meeting on Mondays. He looked at me and said, "I'll just have to set my alarm for a 1/2 hour earlier and get my things ready the night before." Smart thinking! He has great ideas, and I am sure he will be very valuable to the student council. I think this also will show him some responsibility in something other than cleaning his room!

I have also decided that I now feel old! I have a son on student council! AHH!

Anyway, I needed to brag about my oldest. I am so proud of him. I am hoping this will be a great opportunity for him to experience leadership firsthand. It is interesting how some people, when given the opportunity, make great leaders. But without that opportunity might never have known they were a leader.

Good job Jake!!