Thursday, October 05, 2006

I Am Not Pregnant and We're Going to Disney World!

I know, it has been over a week since I last posted. I am truly sorry! Life has been so busy. I have started working part time at our church, so that takes up time. Then when I am home I am trying to keep up with the clothes, meals, cleaning the house....I honestly don't know how people work full time jobs and keep up with everything else!!

We leave a week from today for our much anticipated trip to Disney World! It all began with Jake when he was small. Papa (Matt's dad) told him that once he filled his piggy bank that he would take him to Mickey Mouse. So back in 2001, while I was 5 months pregnant we all went to Disney with Jake. The same deal was made with Tyler. That kid has been beyond dilligent in saving any money he can find. In fact, I have had to hide my money for fear it will end up in his piggy bank. The bank is filled and we are headed to sunny Florida next Thursday for 5 days! The excitement is building in our home.

I have yet to go to Disney World when I wasn't pregnant. I am looking forward to this trip! The first time we went, we planned the trip very far in advance, going with Matt's parents, sister and the two of us. OOPS!! Baby is on the way and tickets are bought. The second time was when we took Jake and I was prego with Tyler. This time I am good to go! I am so excited. And it is so fun to see how thrilling and new this whole experience is for Tyler. The challenge was convincing him that we were not taking his piggy bank with us. He made the comment that it was very heavy and who would carry it. Going to the bank is on my list of things to do in the next week!

What are your favorite things to do at Disney? How many times have you been? Who would have thought that a mouse would become so popular??